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PC: Re: Black Cabs

but is this grey a Conrail scheme or a PC scheme?

Reason for asking is Conrail had a number of yard and work train cabooses
painted in MOW gray at one time.  I've seen shots of them on various sites
and also at least one old shot at Dewitt of yard power (RSD12/15's, forget
if they had 251's or 567's in them) with a grey caboose, apparently when
they still needed to have a full crew even for the yard.  In fact that grey
cab was a PRR car, N5c or N5.

While it's been some time since I saw one, I'd be surprised if all were
gone, and what you've described sounds more like that than the other.  A
lot of the CR MOW equipment looks like it was painted with grey primer and
just not topcoated, thats about the shade used.

One other question:  NYC did some engines in green that would have matched
their cabooses and cars.  Could the black PC cabooses simply have been an
experimental paint scheme to match the black locomotives?

Bill K.

> From: Ed Portzline <mushroom2 -AT- zdnetonebox.com>
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> Subject: PC: Black Cabs
> Date: Wednesday, October 06, 1999 2:02 AM
> Laid eyes on one of the black N5C that there was a lot of discussion
about. It was here in Cleveland. I did not get a number but it had NYC
reporting marks. The color was a black roof, with the rest of the cab
almost a battleship grey. Yes grey. It had to be 45 to 50% reflectence. It
was not a dark grey at all.
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