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Re: PC: Re: Black Cabs

Ed Portzline wrote:
> > the revitalized Marcy Yard on the Short Line, although I'm sure its
> > assignment could get changed.
> What is the name of that shortline. The caboose was sitting on a bridge
> over I-77. There is some kind of yard with a lot of tankers in it(or at
> least a siding of tankers) and the bridge is marked with the name of
> the road, but I never have time to read it while dodging traffic.

I wasn't actually refering to a "shortline", but rather the "Short Line"
which now the CSX main around Cleveland. The line between Collinwood and
Rockport was originally called the Cleveland Short Line when it was
built by the New York Central long long ago. It formed a bypass around
Cleveland and is completely grade separated.

However, I don't think you saw the caboose on the Short Line, but rather
on one of the Newburgh & South Shore overpasses between the Grant Ave.
and Harvard Ave. exits on I-77. The N&SS is the railroad that puts its
names of the bridges. The CSX Short Line crosses I-77 between the
Grant Ave. and Brecksville Road exits, and Marcy Yard is out of sight
from I-77 to the east of the overpass. You probably saw the caboose on
a CSX interchange run from Marcy, although CSX doesn't actually go up
that far to interchange with the N&SS--they do it right at Grant Avenue.
So I'm not sure why exactly that caboose was up there.

Apologies to all of you who aren't familiar with Cleveland. :-)
> > Speaking of CR MOW cabeese, there was (is) one in Erie, PA, just south of
> > the crossing on Pittsburgh Avenue (CP 89).
> It's been there for years now. And unfortunatly the red paint is about
> all that's holding it together. It was in rough shape when it was
> origionally put there.

Very true. Originally the owner was trying to sell it for $3000 or $4000,
but then later was willing to give it to anyone who could haul it away...


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