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Re: PC: Re: Black Cabs

Bill K. wrote:

> but is this grey a Conrail scheme or a PC scheme?
Neither....it's actually a "CSX scheme." The infamous "Cleveland gray N5C"
was repainted by CSX shortly after day one for use by the local job out of
the revitalized Marcy Yard on the Short Line, although I'm sure its
assignment could get changed. The caboose previously was a tuscan-like
color, IIRC, but CSX repainted it.

Speaking of CR MOW cabeese, there was (is) one in Erie, PA, just south of
the crossing on Pittsburgh Avenue (CP 89). It was bought by a car dealer
and sat in his lot for months (not on rails, of course), and he could never
sell it. The business was then changed to a sports bar, and he repainted
the caboose red, but kept all of the Conrail markings. So now in Erie is a
one-of-a-kind red Conrail MOW caboose. (I think it's an N5.) It was still up
there as of this past Saturday.


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