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PC: Re:PC gondolas

Went to Pittsburgh from Michigan for the weekend, saw several trains in the 
Toledo area - all parked.  Saw several more along the way - all parked.

Managed to get to Conway Yard after hitting a few hobby shops, and finally - 
moving trains on the west end, quite a few as usual.  Got over to the east 
end - parked!   About 4 deep waiting to get into the yard.  Mixed trains sure 
are not what they used to be.  I thought I was bored with the site of 
TOFC/Container trains, then along come two trains of nothing but beat up 
gondolas.  In one of them was about 6 or 7 PC gons (and they were not the 
worst of the bunch!)  I'll have to check the video tape when I get back - 
have to get up in 4 hours to fly to Ecuador, and may get a chance to see some 


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