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PC: Spotted 2 PC cars

In Altoona, Pa near the Junita Shop I saw PC 622??? ( a coil car), and
in the siding by the museum I saw a Passenger in PC paint. I did take a
picture of the passenger car, but didn`t react fast enough to take a
picture of the coil car. I was up there for Railfest`99. I also saw NH
FL9M 2024 and NS E8A 1000. Maybe they`ll still be there when ya go up
there. BTW... there`s a great place to hang out to take pictures in
Altoona, right behind Ames ,1400 9th Ave, which is right beside the
museum and the station is on the other side of the tracks. I meet some
railfans there. I saw some foreign motive power UP,CN, & CP.

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