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PC: Re: PC U-Boats...

What was the box on the roof behind the cab and open screen sides on PRR/PC
U25Cs for?  It is different than other U25Cs that I have seen.

Garrett Rea

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From: Gregg Benedict <benedict -AT- htc.net>
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Date: Wednesday, February 24, 1999 9:07 PM
Subject: PC: PC U-Boats...

>   Here's a good one for all the PC modelers out there.  This involves
>GE U-Boats once owned by NYC, PRR and those bought by PC after the
>   First, concerning 6-axle units owned by PC and PRR:  There seems to
>be two different styles of trucks used on these units.  In Yanosey's PC
>Power, I have seen U-28C's and U-33C's with both the Adirondack and GSC
>type trucks.  It appears that all 6-axle U-Boats were delivered to both
>the PRR and PC with the GSC type trucks.  Later on in life, some units
>were changed to the Adirondack-type.  I can not be sure if this is truly
>the case.  Also of note, it appears that the units I have seen pictures
>of with the Adirondack-type of trucks are actually Conrail units still
>in PC paint.  Did Conrail do the truck-swapping?  Hopefully someone can
>clarify this.
>   Second, it appears that all the U-Boats went through several "phases"
>during production.  Right now, I'm talking about the U-28 through U-33
>class.  The U-28C, U-30C and U-33C all came in two distinct versions.
>The differences are not all that subtle either.  The rear radiators were
>radically different as were the battery boxes under the cabs.  It seems
>that just about all of the PC units were of the early type (phase 1?),
>except for a few units.  What I want to know is, were any of the U-30C,
>U-33C, U-30B of the second (later) type.  This is a preliminary guess
>and I would like it to be corrected if it is wrong:
>U-30B (ex-NYC).......   all early type (phase 1)
>U-33B (ex-NYC) [2 units].....  both early type (phase 1)
>U-33B (PC bought)................  all later type (phase 2)
>U-23B (PC bought)................  all later type (phase 2) {probably
>not available in phase 1}
>U-28C (ex-PRR)...........  all early type (phase 1) {probably not
>available in phase 2}
>U-30C (ex-PRR)...........  all early type (phase 1)
>U-33C (PC bought).......  all early type (phase 1)
>U-23C (PC bought).......  all later type (phase 2) {probably not
>available in phase 1)
>I  omitted the U-25B, U-25C and U-28B because I know all of the
>   Looking at pictures of these units from other railroads, I noticed
>that PC U-30B's, U-30C's and U-33C's looked completely different from
>those of other railroads.  Is this the case or are my references giving
>a false-representation?  For a quick explanation of what I am talking
>about, look on page 164 of the PC Power book.  Pictured are U-33C's from
>both PC and EL.  It is pretty easy to see the differences between the
>two units on both pictures on that page.  I know the PC U-33C's were in
>fact the first U-33C's built by GE, but I doubt this is the case for ALL
>of GE units owed by PC.
>   Overall, I want some insight into this dilemma and perhaps an
>explanation (if possible).
>-Gregg B.

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