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PC: Re: PC cabins-

Garrett wrote:

, I have heard that PC did retain one or two of PRR's N6b wooden cabins in
>MOW service and one actually made it into PC "paint" (painted over the RR
>PRR, and added a C).  Anyone know more on this (photo, where it lived, when
>did it get removed from the roster, etc.)

Found a photo and description in Rails Northeast April 76 issue.  It is
class N4 #28001, yellow with black cupola.  Just below the cupola is a black
PC logo
with Penn Central spelled out below.  The road number is just below that,
centered in the carbody.
Don't know where assigned,  however it was purchased by Pennsylvania Railway
Museum of Hollidaysburg May 21 1968.   Description leads to believe this was
the ony wooden caboose to make it into PC.


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