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Re: PC: Please stop sendin this junk mail to


What is this, AOL luser week or something?

For the benefit of everyone:

When you all subscribed to the list, you were sent an "info sheet" containing
all the rules, regulations, and instructions on how to subscribe and
unsubscribe from the list. The info sheet specifically states that you should
keep it for future reference. It is also available online at

If you do not have a copy of it, please take a moment and download a new copy.

As for Mr. Msmajolica -AT- aol.com, please get a copy of the info sheet, read it,
and follow the directions. If you were able to figure out how to subscribe to
the PC list, you can figure out how to unsubscribe. If not, then e-mail me
directly for assistance. If you can't do that, do yourself a favor and get
off the Internet until you buy a clue. Any further attempts to "spam" my list
with unsubscribe requests will be forwarded to your ISP or AOL, and I will
let them deal with you.

BTW, I'm about this close to denying any further AOL users access to the list,
as it appears the handful of AOL users out there who have a clue have already
subscribed and have been getting along fine for the past however long. (No
offense intended to our long-time AOL listers...I appreciate the fact that
most all of you here already have a clue and can act like adults--even our
AOL users who *aren't* yet adults....)

PC Listmaster

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