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Re: PC: E-44 Operators Manual/Not enough web space

>>>>>Like most PDF's it's fairly massive (2.75 meg). As I don't have room for 
it on my web site for download, anyone who wants it, please e-mail me 
privately and I will e-mail it to you. <<<<<

I have recently been told about free web space on Netscape, and so am setting 
up sites for my business and orchid society.  It looks like I have 12 MB of 
space, but someone told me you can get up to 50 MB - I don't know this for 
sure though.  Go to netscape.com, and hit on the word "Homepages" and follow 
the insrtuctions.  You will need a browser that can at least partly handle 
Java scripts.  My AOL version 4 for 486's does not, but the AOL 4.0 for 
Pentiums at "work" can mostly handle Java.  Also Netscape version 3ish or MS 
Explorer version 4ish should do.  It will say so at the site.


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