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PC: Metro-North repaint

 > ObPC: Did anyone see the blurb on the Railpace web site that Metro-North
 > is going to repaint two FL9s into New York Central lightning stripes?

Doesn't Metro-North own some FP10 locos? These would have been much better
candidates for a set of NYC lightning stripes than ex-NH units. At least
the wheel arrangement would have been right for NYC F units...

 > All I can ask is: WHY? That would be like painting a GG1 in New Haven
 > colors....

I think Tyco or IHC tried that with their GG1.  :^)

On the subject of repaints, and to bring Penn Central squarely into the
sights of this thread...

It is most liklely a futile attempt to persuade Metro-North to put a
black/white PC paint job on an FL9.  Too dreary.  Why can't we suggest the
blue/yellow MTA scheme?   It's Penn Central, and it is very attractive.
The yellow nose could also be considered a safety feature!

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