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PC: Re: Re: Lebanon Branch

Hello Seth,

You are correct about the line I was referring to.  I thought after the 1972
Flood was when the line ceased to operate, but I wasn't sure.  Hurricane
Agnes did a lot of damage here in the State of PA.  I also appreciate the
reference to where you found the information.  I am working on a railroad
book with a local historical society and the information you sent will help

Thanks for your reply,
Don Rhoads
Lebanon, PA.
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Date: Sunday, August 29, 1999 1:03 PM
Subject: PC: Re: Lebanon Branch

>>From: "Donald Rhoads, Jr." <dndtracks -AT- desupernet.net>
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>...Also when did the Penn Central abandon the Lebanon Branch, PA line?  Any
>information would be greatly appreciated.
>Don, is the branch that you are talking about is the ex PRR branch between
>Conewago and Lebanon PA? If so, looking thru my old PC Eastern Region
>Timetables it is listed as the Lebanon Secondary Track in all the
>between #1 (Apr 28 '68) thru #8 (Apr 30 '72) Looking at a copy of the
>Evaluation of the U.S. Railway Association's Preliminary System Plan dated
>April 28 '75. The 5.6 mile section of this line between Lebanon and
>" This PC line is out of service because of flood damage in June 1972;
>service is being provided by the Reading Company." The portion of this line
>between Conewago and Cornwall is listed under "lines not being served". So
>my best guess is that in 1972 after the flood. With service being provided
>by the on the northern end provided by the RDG.
>Seth Lakin
>Chesterton IN
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