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Re: PC: Re: nyc gondola

I thought the point of this list was to share anything along those
lines..... PRR, NYC, PC is all related?   MNCR operates NYC/PC rails in

oh well.


> From: Rick <rkiefer -AT- iusb.edu>
> To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
> Subject: Re: PC: Re: nyc gondola
> Date: Saturday, August 28, 1999 6:28 PM
> I saw a number of PC gons that otherwise would have been decent examples
> PC paint that had been NYC'd as well.
> Maybe I will need to scan the photos...
> It was an ex NYC gon with the original NYC cigar band herald opposite 
> end of the DJJX number. It was not a gon that had been NYC'd to CSX.
> Maybe I shouldn't have bothered to report the sighting since most of 
> you seem to only care or dream about what Amtrak may doing with their 
> inept Genesis locomotives. For some celebration they are having. I do 
> not particularly care if DJJX is a trash hauling company I am more 
> concerned with seeing a piece of equipment from an original RR prior 
> to the Penn/NYC merger these things are rarely seen in original paint 
> anymore.
> By the way there is a covered hopper sitting in the yard in Elkhart 
> painted in PC green but that is fading away and the Pennsylvania 
> lettering is showing through.  Is this more to your liking?

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