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PC: RE:ex-CR now in "Dark Side" paint

Have seen a SD60M in full CSX bright heritage or whatever they call it as
well as a C40-8 in full NS stealth black. At first I thought the C40 was
another one of the Dash-9 minions on NS and then I looked at the trucks and
said hey that's an ex-CR unit. Also have seen 75% of CSX's share of the
C32-8 fleet. On one weekend I saw the #6610 with a work train,renumbered
#7747,still in Ballast Express paint on the lead of a NB from Osborn,and the
#6617 was seen going up the Monon leading a train. And what is with that
don't send junk mail to this address. Could you address that Jerry. I got
about 20 crap messages from that guy today alone.

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