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Re: PC: Re: Re:Conrail Renumbering

In a message dated 8/29/99 7:08:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
pontiac -AT- dreamscape.com writes:

<< lot of leasers floating around on CSX too - >>
I was in Beacon Park Enginehouse 0430hrs 082998
2-Wisconsin Central SD45's
3 CSX SD50's
5 Conrail Quality C40-8W (2 renumbered for CSXT)
4 CSX GP40-2's
1 Southern Pacific SD40T-2 (Tunnel Motor)
3 Conrail Quality SD60I's
1 Missouri Pacific SD60M
6 Conrail B23-7's (3 numbered for CSXT)
It's like the changeover from Penn Central to Conrail (April 1, 1976 all over 
Burlington Northern SD40-2's are running rampant into the yard. As well as NS 
and Santa Fe and Union Pacific/Chicago Northwestern SD40-2's ( Iwish that CNW 
would wash 'em once in their lifetime!)   LOL   Ed 

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