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Re: PC: FL9 update

Robert Holzweiss wrote:
> 5. Yes there will be a PC (blue/yellow with yellow worms) paint scheme in the new run [snip]

I have the feeling I know what I'm buying myself for Christmas this year...
> 6.  Time seems to have run out for the real FL9's.  Many stored around Harmon and at Croton North.  Some rebuilt CONDOT (NH livery) still in service.  I don't know if any are destined for a museum.  I suppose Danbury is already in negotiations.  

So what are they using on the Danbury and Waterbury trains? They were still
using the FL9s when I was up there around this time last year. A Metro-North
mud missile just wouldn't look right crossing the Naugatuck River at Ansonia...

Hopefully many if not all of them will be preserved. I'd like to see Metro-
North donate most of them instead of scrap them--after all, after all these
years, they should be fully depreciated by now....

Any idea how much one of those would go for scrap value if Metro-North were
to sell them? I wonder if buying an FL9 would qualify for a home equity loan?


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