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PC: Late N5c Steps/Passenger Motive Power


Has anyone figured out the best way to duplicate the PRR/PC steps used on
N5c when they put later trucks under them?  I put a set of newer trucks
(Atlas, which aren't quite right as they are roller bearing) and it gives my
N5c a much better stance then the spindly trucks that come with the Bowser
kit.  I'm saving these for the wood N6B MOW cabin in the works.

Back when the questions were being asked about hood units in passenger
service I forgot to add that I have seen film and photos of SDs bailing out
ailing E8s,  in Amtrak days.  One video of the National Limited had a PC SD
on the point, with the E8s supplying some power and steam (lets hope, there
was snow on the ground) through Pataskala, Ohio.  Plenty of photos of this
in RNE.

Garrett Rea

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