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>Fill me in on the details. Is she running light or can the public ride?
What time and day will she leave Columbus?

Actually, I was told it was a Reading T-1, but I think it is a GTW 4-8-4.
OC's website shows only one 4-8-4 and it is ex-GTW not Reading.  I thought I
saw something in TRAINS a while back also about the Reading T-1 and OC, but
you know how the mind works.

It will be running from Cols to Coshocton and back (but how is OC getting it
to and from Cols, so it is actually making four trips out?).  The excursion
is on Sunday and due to "crowed control" is not being publicized.  Ticket
holders are the only ones that have departure times and locations that I
know of.

One thing to remember about fall travel, watch out for football games and
hotels.  Rates go up....


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