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PC: RE: Let's all quit beating around the bush......

>Philadelphia _is_ far for many (although not, I admit, for me), but it WAS
>the PC's system headquarters.  I could see choosing that venue for that

How much is still there of the PC HQ, anything to look at?   Where is PRR's
museum, (Altoona?)
that might be another good area.  As far as the middle of the system, it is
the same deal as PRR, they have never had their meeting any farther west
than Pitt, yet more than half of the system was west of there.  The people
in the west complain (too far east) and the ones in Philly do not want to go
west, so.........(what started Lines West Fest this spring I may add, and it
was held in Xenia Ohio of all places, nice event)

Anywhere we have it is going to be a long haul for most of us (i.e. plane

Food for thought-


>Philip J. Kuhl
>Arlington, Virginia
>PJKuhl -AT- erols.com

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