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PC: Fw: PC decals

Greg et al: (Passenger Decals)
Still seems too high, and why must it be done ASAP?  I have bought other "custom" and "special" sets and they work out to be no more than $5.00 or so a set.  No deal here.  Ask Champion what the rush is........
My father gets custom sets for his road (Pittsburgh Muskingum and Hocking) for $30 or so, with about 10-15 sets per run, ie $3.00 a set at most.  A lot better quality than any Champion set I may ad as well.
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From: Greg Johnson <gjohnson@unitedvalve.com>
To: Garrett Rea <Garrett.Rea@worldnet.att.net>
Date: Wednesday, August 04, 1999 4:22 PM
Subject: PC decals

I just received the following response to my question to Champ concerning PC decals. Could you post it to the PC list. I am at work and don't have access to the PC list from my work computer.
Greg Johnson
Dear Greg:

We could make these sets for you Via our Alps printing method.  This is
a special custom run done on the Alps printer.  The quality is

Re: return on your investment:

Sounds good but we so often print "badly needed" decals, only to sell a
hand full of sets to the "excited" party and then the rest of the sets
sit in the drawer selling 2-5 a year.  We will definiately Re-Issue
anyting that sells - and this means you and your fellow PC fans must
place some orders and get the word out that they will shortly be
available, if we receive Alps Reprint orders ASAP.

The passenger car sets should be no problem in HO, S or O scale, to
start with.  Just specify Champ's previous catalog numbers and we will
do them in a minimum of 3 sets each of one kind, Prices usually 9.00 for
HO a set, Minimum of 3 sets, plus S&H of 3.00.  Lower prices available
if  PC modelers would group their orders together on a custom basis.
Say for example 50 sets could mean quite a sizeable reduction in price. 

We could never do these sets via the way we print our decals these could
only be done the special alps way.  We sell these reprints only
Retail-Direct with CWO or Visa or Mastercard.

Sincerely, Mrs. Meyer

Champ is now printing custom & short run decals with their new Alps
printer. This printer allows us to print a minimum of three of any
previous Champ set. This is great news to those modelers who cannot find
certain decals anymore. These decals will be referred to as Champ's

The cost of these sets will depend on various factors, but the majority
will be around $11.00 per set. We have devised a few techniques to get
the best quality possible with this printer, so there may be certain
sets that will cost more per set because of this. Larger quantities may
qualify for a discount per set. If interested, give us the catalog
number and quantity needed, and we can quote you a price.

We normally print our decals on a letterpress, with specially mixed
inks. This new Alps printer prints in process color, which means that
colors such as Dulux Gold will actually consist of small dots of Cyan,
Magenta, Yellow and Black. At normal viewing distance, it is not
noticeable, but very close-up you will be able to see the dots. Colors
such as White, Black, Metallic Silver and Metallic Gold are printed

We have tested these decals in many ways and the only problem we have
found is that anything with a hard edge will scratch the image area. You
will need to be careful until the decal is applied to the model and
sprayed with your usual overcoat.

Other than these two points, these are excellent decals that we are very
proud of. Modelers will get Champ quality artwork and printing expertise
for those hard-to-find decals.
Champion Decal Company
PO Box 1178, Minot, ND 58702
701-852-4938 *  fax 701-852-9429

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