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PC: Re: Paint/Athearn/Passenger Locos

In a message dated 8/3/99 9:55:18 PM EST, Garrett.Rea -AT- worldnet.att.net writes:
> Anyone heard that Testors is dropping Polyscale and Floquil? 

There have been rumors about Floquil being discontinued as far back as 10 
years ago!  Maybe longer.  It's probably the same people that panic every 
time they hear about one of thoses computer virus hoaxes.


Athearn makes most rolling stock in runs.  Not every item is continually 
being made.  That does not mean they're discontinued, just that they'll be 
done again in the future.  Sometimes one year, sometimes more.


I was channel surfing and came on an SP passenger train whizzing by real 
fast.  It had a combination of cab and hood units pulling the train.  Turns 
out it was an old Laverne & Shirley, them on a train to California, a murder 
mystery, and lots of cameo appearances by famous actors..... so I watched a 
little more, and sure enough they would show the train again.  There was a 
slight continuity problem, as the next scene was all streamlined cab units, 
then the next was all hood units.

PC relevance:
I know the NYC used GP-7/9's and RS-3's on some passenger runs (in addition 
to cab units).  Did this continue in PC days?  Any other hood units used?  I 
only remember E-units being on passenger trains through Ann Arbor (Det-Chi).


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