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Re: PC: RE:NS/Conrail problems

After 19 years on 3 railroads in 4 cities, I would like to think of myself as 
a railroader.  Both railroads have had their trouble, but you have to keep 
the different cultures of the different companies in mind.  Most people who 
work for NS have worked for NS,  the Southern or N&W their whole career.  
They know the culture of the NS and know the ropes.  But Conrail people have 
worked for a different company with a different style of management and 
discipline.  I was wondering how they were going to adjust.
>From what I remember from first hand experience and from talking to my 
counterparts on Conrail, the ones that went with CSX will have an easier time 
adjusting.  BTW Jer, I think this does have some to do with the PC.  While 
cultural differences between the red team, the green team and the orange team 
didn't kill the PC, it was one of the nails in their coffin.  Most of the 
problems I have heard of on CSX are from the shared asset areas and places 
that we interchange with the new NS.  Both roads will work their problems 

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