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Re: PC: PC Demographics

I grew up in Altoona and watched the PRR faded tuscan and dirty brunswick 
change to black.The fresh paint looked good at the time. It was a sign of 
what was to       come,little did we know. Still PRR at heart but still have 
to love the PC for trying to get that fresh look over tuscan,brunswick and 
NYC gray and black,even NH orange and black. Exciting seeing all the power 
that came in and sat in the yd. awaiting its fate,rebuild and new paint, new 
paint, or scrap.
 One more thing. Alot of PC cars seem to be showing up lately. Maybe we are 
just noticeing it more. A string of x-79 box cars went through Altoona the 
other week restenciled KELX. Still alot of 100 ton gons floating around in 
full PC dress.

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