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Re: PC: List demographics/PCHS

Me, I'm 18. I work on generators (remember me saying that I know more
about diesels...we have some EMD sets at jails and hospitals that we
service. So I have a background in the things. We don't service any
steam gen-sets though). My interest stems from a couple books I got at
the library. One was America's Railroads, The Second Generation, by Don
Ball, Jr. There were a couple of nice shots of PC loco's with the worms.
Second book was The Fallen Colosuss, by Robert Sobel. It was just an
interesting railroad, that I had to know more about (and I'm learning
all the time). So there's a little about me, and my interest in the PC.

Christopher J. May

>From - Sun Jul 11 21:37:17 1999

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