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PC: Rails North East (LONG)

>Is Rails Northeast still in print? If not what was the last issue?

I'm gonna hate typing this.......

To the question of Rails North East (RNE) being in print still:

The last issues that I have and belive to be the last were from around 1984.
They are quite sad to read.  Reid stated clearly what the dilemas to his
publishing were.  He took no advertisers, excuding one add for Alco (brass)
that I can remember.  Modeling and prototype, both current and past were
covered, and of course, the PRR fans complained that they wanted more PRR
whilst the EL fans said the whole mag was devoted to PC/PRR (another PRR
only magazine was started according to some of the RNE issues I have).

The March-April 1984 issue (one of the few two month issues) is fairly
skinny, black and white cover, has samples of stationary that Ried was
trying to sell (he did resumes as well).  In it is on a slip of yellow paper
a (highly editied by me) note that follows:

" I have been asked why no color and why the change to bi-monthly....the
story and the details are too long, and most don't really care...I need a
fund raising project immediately.  For a $10 donation, I will send a set of
three 8X10 color prints......The future of RNE is in your hands.  EDITOR"

There is another page with several books including the "Reading Freight Car
Book" and "Penn Central Freight Car Painting and Diagram book"  both droped
from $11.95 to $6.95 (quick, where is the time machine) in order to aid in
"a tight funds situation.."

The reason I say it is sad, because of the obvious enthusiasim, thought, and
detail put into the earlier issues (ok, there were typos).  Two issues
covered EVERYTHING you would want to know about 1970's DT&I for example,
from buildings, junctions, milemarkers, locos, radio frequencies....YOU NAME
IT!!  The info in one issue in quality of information is equal to one year
of TRAINS (opinion, not fact).  While RNE was not glossy and sharp as
TRAINS, it posesed a certain honesty.  Comments like "due to a paper workers
strike.." were actually in the letter from the editor explaining the reason
for delay in printing.

This was a sideline to Reid, I do not know his real occupation, but I say it
was a mix of printing and following "high and wides" accross the US for
Westinghouse, which he detailed quite well.

I know someone on PRR-Talk bought all of his old slides, his Penn Central
stuff was lost in a basement flood (which he detailed in print) and he is
still out there, but is not in the "loop" anymore.

As far as PC Railroader, I do not know any dates on it, I have seen it
advertised in TRAINS from 72 or so.  The May 1976 issue of RNE states that
it is Vol 4, Issue 4, so around 1972 would be a cut-off.

Another cottage industry bites the dust.....


Garrett Rea

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