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PC: Wood PC cabins-

Thanks Rob-

>Found a photo and description in Rails Northeast April 76 issue.  It is
>class N4 #28001, yellow with black cupola.  Just below the cupola is a
>PC logo
>with Penn Central spelled out below.  The road number is just below that,
>centered in the carbody.
>Don't know where assigned,  however it was purchased by Pennsylvania
>Museum of Hollidaysburg May 21 1968.   Description leads to believe this
>the ony wooden caboose to make it into PC.

Too bad my RNEs start in July 76.....

Yes, wasn't the N4 a one car only class like the N5E (another one I am
looking for).  It started life as an N6 if I am correct.

The individual I talked to made it clear that 1-2 N6Bs made it too, but then


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