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Re: PC: Re: nyc gondola


I saw a number of PC gons that otherwise would have been decent examples of
PC paint that had been NYC'd as well.

Maybe I will need to scan the photos...

It was an ex NYC gon with the original NYC cigar band herald opposite 
end of the DJJX number. It was not a gon that had been NYC'd to CSX.

Maybe I shouldn't have bothered to report the sighting since most of 
you seem to only care or dream about what Amtrak may doing with their 
inept Genesis locomotives. For some celebration they are having. I do 
not particularly care if DJJX is a trash hauling company I am more 
concerned with seeing a piece of equipment from an original RR prior 
to the Penn/NYC merger these things are rarely seen in original paint 

By the way there is a covered hopper sitting in the yard in Elkhart 
painted in PC green but that is fading away and the Pennsylvania 
lettering is showing through.  Is this more to your liking?

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