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PC: RE: PC Screensaver

I used the "721 Square Bold ... " font to make a screen saver by using it 
as the font for the marquee screen saver that scrolls text on your screen. 
 I set the point size to 36, the foreground to white, the background to 
black and the text to "Penn Central Lives!".  The Corel Draw 6 that a lot 
of people are buying to use to make decals on an Alps printer includes this 
font.  People are going for v6 because it's only $40 or so on the net.

			Nicholas G. Jourin
			ngjourin -AT- netgate.net

			Penn Central Lives!

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Does anyone know of PC Screensavers available?

There seems to be a shortage of good railroad screensavers to begin with, 
a PC Screensaver would be great.

I would build one myself, but I have no idea to start.  If anyone knows how 
to do this, it would be a great addition to the PC website.


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