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PC: PC Freight Cars for sale

For anyone who is interested, I have some "N" Guage PC Freight Cars for sale.

1.  Con-Cor 50' Box Car w/Kadee Couplers in box.

2.  Atlas 50' FGE Box Car w/Kadee Couplers in box.

3.  Life-Like Custom Painted High Cube 50' box w/kadee couplers in box.

4.  Aurora Postage Stamp Trains - 70' t Gondola w/kadee couplers in box.

5.  Aurora Postage Stamp Trains - Corrugated Dome Car - Silver w/Green Stripe.
    (I have 2, one in box and one without) regular couplers.

If anyone is interested, I was gonna sell these as a set on Ebay but I 
figured to try
the list first.

Please contact me off list if you are interested.


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