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PC: Re: Re: Paint/Athearn/Passenger Locos

In the upstate New York area (Empire Service) and northern Ohio (Cleveland)
area I saw only E-units in PC days.

The usual Empire Service consist was a E-unit, two coaches, and a snack bar
coach.  It was not infrequent to see TWO E-units on these trains -- I assume
because of reliability problems with the locomotives or their steam heat
boilers.  Sometimes the Empire consist would be an E and two cars:  a coach
and a snack bar coach.

Jer, I'll be interested to see some of those picture showing other units on
PC varnish -- that's news to me!  I would caution on one point:  Many PC
road switcher units originally built with steam boilers maintained those
boilers in PC days but the boilers were never used and often were
inoperative.  There were so many surplus E-units available to the railroad;
and the Es were only suitable for the ever-fewer passenger runs, the mail
trains, and the Flexi-Van trains.  The road switcher units, because of their
design, were much more versatile


Philip J. Kuhl
Arlington, Virginia
PJKuhl -AT- erols.com

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