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Re: PC: Plastic FL-9's

 >    Somehow I discovered a web page for Branford Hobbies "New Haven Terminal"
 > which offers custom built FL-9's in plastic with Athearn drives, double
 > flywheels, flexicoil front truck, etc...   Check out the web site at
 > www.newhaventerminal.com .
 >    It shows a nice photo.   Available in two NH road numbers for 174.99 or
 > undec (for us PC to Metro-North fans) in kit form for 149.99.

Looks interesting.  The EP5 is *very* interesting. I wonder if the trucks
are correct, or if they just use the Athearn Trainmaster trucks. The
$190/140 price tag is really not too bad for an RTR or kit form electric.

I wonder if Branford Hobbies will sell the EMD Flexicoil two axle
sideframes by themselves?  Guess I'll have to contact them.

 >    The price may seem a little steep,  but I have had little success with
 > Custom Brass FL-9 performance.  Why do somewhat affordable plastic models
 > always seem to outperform expensive brass?  You'd think it would be the
 > other way around.

Look around for the Overland Models version of the FL9.  It was released
around the 1990 time frame. (I can look it up if anyone needs to be exact)
The OMI FL9 runs very well, and the level of detail is very good.

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