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PC: PRR/PC PS6L Caltapa Falls & Thanks to all

David et al:

>http://www.classicrail.com/ncry/cars/8404.JPEG  - PC - Pennsyl. Coach

Cool photo, but not a coach-  it is the sleeper/buffet/lounge Caltapa Falls,
if the number is right.  The car is actually a PS6L, and was PC 4404.  The
PC Color guide lists that all but one of this class of six-double
bedroom/lounge sleepers were distroyed in 1970 to 1971 and that PC 4402
Aspen Falls was the only survivor into Amtrak, going to them in 1974.  This
contradicts what the museum says.  The museum has car 8404/4404, not
8402/4402 so naturally the book is wrong?!?

Here a link to the floorplan of the PS6L Series cars:


The car is available in N and HO from Union Staion Products, should be
#4131, same as Pullman plan ## (easy enough!!)

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