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Re: PC: Why PC?/was Demographics

I am 34.

I was 3 when the merger happened and we used to make 3 to 4 trips a week
to Buffalo to see my grandmother.  We lived in Springville, NY and I used
to stay up late watching the B&O switching in the small yard there.  My
parents had a car that couldnt do the Interstate due to a transmission
problem and we used to go the "old way" into Buffalo.  The "old way" meant
crossing the 6 track crossing (2 NW tracks and 4 NYC/PC tracks)at Bayview,
NY the site of BV Tower and gettting "stuck" watching a half dozen or more
trains running thru there.  The green tinted windows in BV tower always
fascinated me.  

Alas, the crossing is still there but BV tower is gone (2 years) and now
there are only 4 tracks there (1 NS and 3 CSX), it is still a good
"hotspot" for train watching but NOTHING like the activity I remember from
being a kid. 

I didnt realize at the time what I was looking at but all I know is that 
I liked it.  The PC always seemed to paralell(sp) Buffalo's fortunes.

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