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PC: RE: List demographics/PCHS

Why PC? Before I moved to NC I grew up with Amtrak, NJT, SEPTA, and CR. My Dad grew up with PRR/PC(he lived a couple blocks from the North Philly station), I adopted the PRR as my favorite RR(following in my fathers footsteps).Over the years I've been learning, learning about the PRR-NYC merger, CTEC, tower closings, etc....
My intrest in PRR/PC also ties in with my love of history and how the RR ties into our US history.

-Josh(age 16)


P.S.-What DID become of the PCHS talk? I was offlist for a while and might have missed something important.
From: 	Garrett Rea[SMTP:Garrett.Rea -AT- worldnet.att.net]

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