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PC: List demographics/PCHS


Looking at posts to the list in the last few days I was suprised to see that
we have some folks here even younger than myself.  Then we have some that
have worked for PC in the past as well.  Just great to see such a spread.
Younger folks, why PC? I remember it (actually Conrail w/PC paint) but a
couple of you are 18-21, born well after PC-   However, my PC interest is
2-4 years prior to when I was born (1972) so I guess I am in the same boat
as well.

As far as employment backgrounds it looks like we have retirees, students,
profesional railroaders, and even other civil servants, a good spread of

Just an observation.

As for the morning post re: PCHS, count me in, and when/where to meet

Garrett Rea
Nashville, TN

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