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PC: Penn Central Timetable(Northeastern Region)

Well, I've got a PC Metropolitan Region ET that went into effect February 1, 
1971, and though I'm a New York Central fan, and often wish the NYC had 
merged into the Chessie System rather than merging with the PRR, I find the 
timetable a great resource.  I bought it at a train show several years ago, 
and forget the price I payed, but all I remember is that it was priced 
certainly below what it was worth.  It contains information such as what 
stations were open at what times, grade crossing and siding information, all 
on lines that are now totally different than they were in PC days.

All I can say to other fellow PC fans out there is, lets enjoy buying these 
peices of PC memorobilia at such low prices, cause when the value is truely 
realized 10 years from now when even Conrail has been gone for a decade, 
we'll be the ones with all the PC stuff!  Then all those TT and memorobilia 
dealers will really be kicking themselves for nearly giving it all away!

John W.

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