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PC: FW: Question regarding Penn Central Decals

There was a question about Penn Central decals from Microscale earlier, I
just received this forwarded message from my brother today and thought you
all might like the news.

Jim Gehrett

-----Original Message-----
From:	Sheridan, John <SheridanJ -AT- hanscom.af.mil>
To:	Paul Gehrett <pgehrett -AT- uss.net>
Date:	Thursday, July 29, 1999 5:58 AM
Subject:	RE: Question regarding Penn Central Decals

>>>I just wanted to inquire about the possibility of
M>icroscale making Penn Central freight car decals.  I prefer your decals
>over the others that are available on the market and would really like to
>see Microscale offer a few PC sets.  Currently, there is a big lack of PC
>freight decals now that herald king is defunct.  Anyway, just thought I'd
>Penn Central Freight is the next decal set that I'm supposed to work on.
>Stay tuned!
>John Sheridan @ Microscale Decals

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