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Re: PC: GP30 detail questions

Check out my Conrail Pages and go to the GP-30 page
check out 2229 and 2237 for some roof shots

Jim Gehrett wrote:

> Hi All,
> I'm working on a pair of PC GP30's and have a couple questions.  I can't
> seem to find a good roof shot on the net or in the Morning Sun book.  I am
> researching the antenna type and placement, and air horn style.  As best as
> I can tell, the horn is a Leslie(?) 3 chime with a strange arrangement. It
> appears that the two large trumpets face forward and are next to each other
> leaving the small trumpet alone on the end facing backward.  Can anyone
> confirm this and does anyone make this detail part?  Also, if anyone has a
> GP30 roof shot, I would love to see it.  Any info would help.  Thanks.
> Jim Gehrett

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