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PC: Bethlehem Steel ore traffic

As a new member of the list I am not sure if this topic has been posted
in the past.  As a modeler of the CNJ/LV/RDG, I am also interested in
the PC/ex-PRR Bel-Del line.  Specifically the movement of iron ore from
Philadelphia thru Phillipsburg to Beth Steel.  I want to model the
movement of ore jennies off of the PC to Beth Steel and want to get more
information on this.  Of prime interest at this point is if the
transfers coming off the PC at Phillipsburg and onto the CNJ only
consisted of hoppers and jennies loaded with iron ore, or could hoppers
of coal also be found in these consist.  Also, I am trying to find out
if PC locomotives were ever used by the CNJ crews to take trains from
Phillipsburg to Beth Steel.  I know that the LV crews did this after the
CNJ abandoned operations in Pennsylvania, but I have no such information
regarding the CNJ.  Based upon a LV video showing PC units (SD9, GP9B,
RSD12, GP30), I'd sure like to model them if they showed up on the CNJ.
Thanks in advance for any information on this topic.

Sam Reynolds

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