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PC: Re: sd-38

Hi Dave,
  The Rail Power shell has the oil bath filter.  PC SD-38 had paper filters.
The SD-38s that I built I used the paper filter box cut fron athearn GP-38-2
dynamic brake hatch, did some splicing and violla.
  For handrails I used Rail Detail handrail kits.  These kits have .019
brass wire for the railings and use athearn type stanchions.  I would think
that Smokey Valley SD-40 handrails would work as well since the SD-38 and
SD-40 are the same length.
  Add the Sinclair antannae, lift rings, etc and you got it.  This is a
pretty easy kitbash.

BTW- you will have to modify the trucks(I'm assuming you're using athearn).
The Rail Power instructions cover this.

>hi everyone
>I'm looking for info on CR/PC SD-38.I just picked up a railpower sd38 and
>ordered the drive and trucks from walthers but did not come across any hand
>rails listed for the 38.does anyone know if railpower or Smokey valley
>them or am I going to have to bend some myself?
>also the shell does not have the large box on the roof,I think its the
>filters,and would like to add it if anyone knows how.
>if anyone has this info or any tips on building the sd-38 please let me
>Dave Phipps

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