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Re: PC: Rumour-

 > You and me both, this time, I said "...hmm, how do I build a SD 35...".  I
 > am sure an SD 40 will come out now that I am (almost) done with mine.

Although I wouldn't bet money on it, I doubt LL will do an SD40.  There is
so much mystique surrounding the Kato SD40 that it would probably be a bad
idea. What would they do from there?  An SD38? Too few.  SD45? Done

 > The C430 would be nice also.

Jerry Jordak joked with me that P2K should do an FL9.  After thinking about
it for a while, it really isn't that far fetched.  Even though there were
only 60 of them made, they were painted in at least 7 different schemes.

The only serious problem is geographic distribution.  Stuff like the Amtrak
P32, 40 & 42 locos have visibility coast to coast, so Athearn can get away
with their offering.

LL should do some Baldwin switchers...



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