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Re: PC: Proto Canada & FM C liners

 > One of you wrote about the FM shells, they are probably Miracle Castings
 > ones.  They are doing the passenger (six axle shark as well).  They were
 > scraped pre PC however.....  Cool engines though.

Yup, Miracle Castings (http://mc.cyklone.com/default.htm)

Just as a point of reference, the Sharks were Baldwins. The BP20 and BF20
"six axle" Sharks are way cool locomotives.  Too bad they were all gone by
PC time.

As for the FM Shells they produce, these are the Erie Builts, not the
C-Liners. The Miracle Castings web pages state that they have stopped
development on their C-Liner model "due to Life Like's pending release
of the same kit."

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