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Re: PC: Proto 2000 rumor

  > I've seen some paperwork on these - it's for real.  B-B FM cab units, 
>  > quite a Proto 2000 but better than a Proto 1000 - after 80 billion
>  > Rivarossi junkers someone's finally going to do it right.
>So what will they be sold as?  My impression was that they were Proto 2000 
> >quality. <snip>

Last weekend, I saw some FM cab unit body shells at the local hobby shop. I 
can't remember who made them, but they appeared quite nice, and with some 
minor work, could probably fit an Athearn drive. However, FM cabs don't 
quite fit my era :(

I also remember reading MR's slamming of the IHC SD35. I totally agree with 
them. The engine ran fine, but the pilots and steps are much too high. Oh 

--Chris Osterhus

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