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PC: Stewart Penn Central F7

I received my A/B set of new release Stewart F7's in Penn Central paint on
Friday. As expected, they are excellent models, and the revised Stewart
drive is about 98% equal to the Kato drives. The Buehler motors used
generate just a bit more noise than the Kato motors, but not a huge
difference. The new locos have almost the same throttle response as the
Kato drive equipped F7's as well.

The paint job is about as good as it gets for a PC loco. :^)  The white
printing could stand to be a bit more opaque, but this will only matter if
you want a pristine, just out of the paint shop set of locos. Once the
weathering is applied, I think the lettering will be just fine.

The units are delivered without numbers, so you'll need to roll your own to
get them situated into your roster. Stewart also supplies Accumate couplers
with the units. As with Kadee, the stock location of the coupler mounting
leaves the units spaced too far apart. The Kadee Stewart F unit conversion
kit solves this problem easily.

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