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PC: Re: Con Cor Greenville 60' Box

Anyone interested in a Con-Cor 60' Greenville box car in NYC late cigar
band?  The car is so late it's a good car for PC-era layouts; I have one
unbuilt kit here.  The kit itself is about 10 years old and out of
production as far as I know.  

I built 2 of these and they leave a little to be desired underframe-wise -
you can build it but the holes for the truck screws are too small; the
coupler box tops are fragile and the weights glue in rather than actually
mount to something.   That said the ladders and grabs are all seperate
parts; it includes a roofwalk to do any of a number of variations - even
has high and low brake wheel stands.

Let me know - 

Bill K.

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