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Re: PC: Re: Oddball car

This is a passenger car numbered in the baggage car series. The car has high
speed roller bearing trucks as used under REA Cars and equiped with air,
signal and steam lines. It is not known if this car was built as is or may
be two 40' box cars spliced together. Car may also be a modified REA car.

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> OK
> I let a photo store scan the PRR X42 for me that has been of my concern
> now for a day.
> Since it is a PRR car and the list can't handle the photo, I must ask
> those who want to see it to email me privately and I will send it to
> those who want it.
> I will get the scan from the shop by tommorrow night.
> Thanx
> Lon
> Post Tennebras Lux
> <'))))><

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