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PC: Re: Oddball car

I believe the car you are referring to is a 60' Ex-Troop Car made into a box
car or most likely a baggage car and a few were in PC dress,. What road was
this car you mentioned painted and lettered for?

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From: Lon Godshall <longodshall -AT- webtv.net>
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Subject: PC: Oddball car

> I was looking through my dad's collection of slides from 1975 and found
> a wierd 70'? boxcar # 2549 with express trucks and a door on the left
> and a door on the right of center. Almost like someone kitbashed 2 40'
> boxcars.
> I can't find any reference in the PRR guides, did PC have any of these
> painted into green?
> Lon
> Post Tennebras Lux
> <'))))><

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