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Re: PC: NYC GP-40 Handrails

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> Hi Gang-
> Here's a ground ball question for you.  I want to model a mixed string of
> diesels, circa 1969, most in PC livery with a NYC GP-40 thrown in, so I
> picked up a Atlas (N scale), with the white side sill.  (It came with
> black handrails.)  My question is, should be handrails be painted white
> or yellow?  I've looked at videos, but can't be sure.

Can't go by old film transferred to video as a basis for color, since it
frequently gets washed out in the transfer process if not done with high
quality equipment.

All handrails AND all grab irons on NYC hood units were yellow, regardless
of the locomotive type and paint scheme.  Going through thousands of photos,
I've never seen one showing white handrails.

Terry Link
Bramalea, Ontario
trlink -AT- home.com

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