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PC: PC HO Loco's for sale, N-scale info request

List members,  I am converting my PC modeling to n-scale (building new house) 
and offer some of my collection for sale.  Also,  anyone on this list that 
models the PC in n-scale,  I welcome your comments/suggestions as far as your 
experiences with some of the available equipment.  I own mostly Atlas/Kato 
locomotives and Micro-train rolling stock that would represent a 1968-1970 
setting on the PC.  My interest and railroad will focus on the "Dayton 
corridor" which will include DT&I, EL, and some B&O.   All items listed are 
HO scale.  Prices include Priority mail fees.  I am also open to trades as 
well.  I am looking for Kato F-units, SD-40's, SD-45's, Atlas GP-40's, 
GP-9's, and GP-30/35's.  Need about 2 each of these units.  Please e-mail me 
off the list!   P2K E-8 NYC cigar band $41.00  Atlas U-33-C PC #6545  $41.00  
Stewart F-7AB set both powered PC $135.00  Stewart F-7AB both powered PRR  
Stewart F-7AB both powered NYC cigar band. $135.00 each set.  Atlas U-23-B PC 
#2760  $59.00  Kato NW-2 phase 2 undec.  $70.00  Alco models N-7A caboose 
(brass)  custom painted PC  $110.00  Kato SD-40 custom painted PC road #6066  
$125.00  Ath. PC 86' hi-cubes PC se and regular run 4-door  $18.00 for both.  
Intermountain 40' box NYC jade green (have 2 different numbers)  $21.00 for 
the pair.  Ath. SW-1500 undec. (has the correct sideframes for PC)  $22.00   
KD dist. 3 dome tank car (special run) $12.00  Bowser 100 ton coal hopper PRR 
have 8 different numbers from the first series some built with Kadee's $60.00 
for all 8. Stewart 70 ton H-39's and NYC AAR  5 different PC some built with 
Kadees $35.00 for all 5.  3rd Rail Graphics # boxcar set PC (run made last 
year 2 50 ft. and 1 40 ft. box) $35.00 for the three cars.  Lifelike Evans 
boxcars 2 Proto 1000 and 2 custom painted X-72 PC  $45.00 for all four.  
E-mail Pennctrl1 -AT- aol.com off the list  Thanks  Gene

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