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Re: PC: PS13L

Garrett asked:
<<<Thanks for the info, did any of the PS13L (PRR 8411-8418) PS Plan
4132 make it into PC? These were also in the Colonial series like the
PS31Ls, only built after the war. 

Finally I can help you!  :~)

PRR 8411-8418 renumbered ? into PRR 7148-7155 before the merger. The PC
retained those same numbers.

Colonial series

7148=Colonial Cabins....7149=""Crafts... 7150=""Flags ...7151=""
Arms...7152"" Houses... 7153 Nicholas Firestone?  ...7154""Lanterns...
7155"" Scouts.

Pullman floor plan was kept.--Drawing room, 3 double bedroom, and
lounge. Trucks were 2E-P7  Built 1949


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