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PC: PC Passenger Equip

Good Morning Everyone,

Found these two coaches on a website and thought they might be interesting 
to the list.

There are two coaches on the Northern Central Railway, both undergoing 
restoration.  Both with PC, Pennsylvania and NYC heritage.

Links are below:
http://www.classicrail.com/ncry/cars.html  - Main Page

http://www.classicrail.com/ncry/cars/2945.JPEG  - PC - NYC Coach

http://www.classicrail.com/ncry/cars/8404.JPEG  - PC - Pennsyl. Coach


Dave Fiore
Oh, I know I said if anyone wants a copy of those PC Bankruptcy 
announcement letters, but I really can't mail out 30 envelopes with the 
stamps.  If you are interested, please let me know and I'll give you my 
address to send a SASE.

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